Int Ch, SE Ch, NO Ch Ibinores Ghazan Al A'lim - results

9/12-00 Stockholm SKK Int BD-3, BOB veteran Zola Rawson, GB
This was Ghazan's last show. Judges report: "One of the best heads I've seen here today. Masculine excellent eye. Strong underjaw. Nice depth of brisket. Very good shoulder. Nice wide thies. Correct topline. Has lost his tuck-up but it's allowed at his age! Moved very well."
3/4-99 Sollentuna SKK Int BOS -
20/5-95 SvVK Nat BOS Christina Ormsby
10/12-94 Stockholm Int BOS, CACIB Michael Williams
25/6-94 Kristiansand, Norge Int BOS, CAC, CACIB Sisko Kalima-Malinen Finland
31/10-92 Jönköping Int BOS, CACIB Helmut Suppa, Austria
26/7-92 Ransäter Int BOS, CACIB Pirkko Konttinen, Finland
27/6-92 Avesta SKK BOS C-J Adlercreutz, Sweden
11/8-91 Askersund SKK BOS, CAC, champion Renai de la Renna, Italy
19/5-91 Österbybruk SKK BD-2, CAC Beryl Payne
28/4-91 Linköping SKK BD-3, CAC Benny Blid
15/12-90 Stockholm Int BD-3, CAC, CACIB Paulin Kendall, GB